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Apple-Apricot Fruit Leather

This week I decided to try my hand at making fruit leather.  I’ve had a great deal of success drying fruits and vegetables so I thought it might be fun to change things up a bit. My dehydrator comes equipped with various trays and supplies for drying fruits, vegetables, herbs, and leathers.  Using puréed fresh fruit, baby food, or applesauce make for quick and easy assembly.  Plug the dehydrator in just before going to bed and (in most cases) in the morning, you’ll have a delicious homemade treat that can be stored at room temperature for a few weeks in an airtight container.  You can also pop these treats into the freezer and they’ll keep for about 1 year.  

These were a big hit with my family.  I’ve got lots of fresh strawberries parked in the fridge so I think I’ll give this a try with puréed strawberries and honey next time.

Apple-Apricot Leather

1 (8 oz) jar puréed baby food

1-2 cups sweetened or unsweetened applesauce

In a medium bowl, mix applesauce with apricot purée.  Cover with plastic wrap and microwave on high for 6-8 minutes or until the mixture reaches 160 degrees.  Stir every few minutes.  

Cool slightly.  Spread mixture evenly on dehydrator fruit leather drying trays.

Drying times very depending on equipment, humidity in the air, and thickness of fruit.  Fruit leather usually requires at least 8 hours to set completely.  Follow manufacturer’s directions for specifics about varying drying times.  

Dry fruit at 140 degrees until no indentation is left when you touch the center with your finger.

While still warm, peel fruit leather from drying tray.

Quarter fold the fruit leather for slicing.

Slice into wedges or as desired.

Wrap well in plastic wrap for storage.

Store at room temperature in airtight container.

Here’s a great resource for important guidance when drying fruit…


17 thoughts on “Apple-Apricot Fruit Leather

  1. Thanks for sharing this Linda. Looks fun and delicious! I’ve been thinking about purchasing a dehydrator but have no idea what kind. I’ve read you can dehydrate things in the oven, sunlight and even the refrigerator. Not sure what I will do yet as I’d like to dehydrate herbs I’m growing. Thanks for any advice.


    1. Herbs dry best in brown paper lunch bags. Gather a group of herb stems together and wrap with a piece of string or twine. Punch holes in a paper lunch bag and enclose the herbs inside the bag. Wrap a peice of string around the opening of the bag to keep it closed. Hang in a cool dry place and wait until herbs are completely dried. Remove herbs from stems and store in airtight containers.
      You can also dry herbs very quickly on a paper towel in the microwave. You’ll be so surprised how quickly they dry this way. Takes about 1 minute! Good luck!

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  2. I have never seen a dehydrator before. Wonder if I can get it here in Singapore. I am sure my children will love these dried fruits and best of all they are not sweetened (unlike those store bought). Thanks for sharing.


    1. I’m sure you can order one on-line. I use mine regularly. You’re right, no added sugar but the natural sweetness is concentrated due to the reduction of water in the fruit.


    1. Haha… I just spent the afternoon with a group of women learning to dry fruits and vegetables and this group was hooked when I showed them how easy it is to dehydrate food. I really enjoy this worthwhile piece of equipment.

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    2. They range in price from quite reasonable to very expensive. Mine is a mid level model that cost 65 dollars.
      I’m quite happy with mine.
      Good Luck!🍀


    1. Just try to buy it when it’s on sale and then the whole idea of drying the fruit leather is quite economical. Thanks for you comment! Enjoy your day!


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