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Traveling with Portable Craft Projects

The greatest dilemma I face when traveling is “How can I travel with a few compact and relaxing crafts while I’m away from the amenities of home?”
Once a year, we travel to Disney World and I am often stumped as to what I can bring along that isn’t too complicated or oversized.

I have thought about bringing quilt squares to hand sew poolside but the sewing machine does a much better job of securing the blocks as opposed to my, less than stellar hand sewing skills. I have also thought about bringing along my long term crochet projects but most are large, cumbersome (blankets or scarves) and too hot to be draped across my lap in the summer sun.
This year, I visited a YouTube website and found a video for a super easy crocheted sock pattern and I was thrilled to find a project that I could easily travel with.  

Here’s the website:’s easy crocheted tube socks

Here are a few pictures of the craft items I carried in my tote bag. 

Here are a few other ideas I packed for soaking up the sun in a relaxed environment:

All were perfectly portable and helped me to find plenty to do as I relaxed in the sunshine of the Walt Disney World – Old Key West -Disney Vacation Club – Main Pool.

Who says Spring Break in Walt Disney World can’t be relaxing?!  Once again, we had a “magical” vacation.


14 thoughts on “Traveling with Portable Craft Projects

  1. I have exactly the same problem as you. I once spent a summer in Corfu knitting what I thought was a lightweight wrap, in the 90 degree heat it felt like a fur coat. Recently I flew out to visit my father in LA. 14+ hours travelling and I knew I needed something to do on the plane and I crocheted a cushion cover. It was a bit bigger than your socks, but I used cotton/bamboo yarn and it wasn’t hot and heavy. When we were in Australia I made loads of cabled headband/earwarmers and fingerless gloves for Christmas presents. I used lightweight cashmere and because the items were small they didn’t drape over my lap and boil me like a chicken! I love the sock patter, only one concern, as crochet isn’t as flat as knitting do they feel a bit bumpy when you wear them?


    1. Hey there,
      Well, the reason I crocheted the socks is because I don’t know how to knit very well. I love the convenience of a single needle. I used sock weight yarn so the socks are fine for me. A bit bulky but nice and warm instead of slippers in the morning…Thanks for your valued comment. Enjoy your day!


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