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Handmade Pumpkin Basket

Saturday’s unseasonable temperatures made for a very chilly (end of the summer) basketmaking workshop. Wearing several long-sleeved layers didn’t do much to shield us from the brisk winds during this cool and breezy day. It was hard to imagine that the temperatures had climbed to nearly 100 degrees the weekend before. Despite the weather, we happily socialized as we worked beneath a shelter at a local county park. The item that we were to assemble was a cute round, (continuous weave structure); a pumpkin-shaped basket. Here are the steps that our incredible instructor took us through during this four-hour weekend event.

Dividing the disk into 4 equal parts, place 23 spokes within the well of the disk; weaving while working in the spokes.After weaving 6 continuous rows, gently begin shaping the basket upwards. Continue weaving upward for 14 more rows; loosely weaving to shape the belly of the pumpkin.

At row 19 or 20 begin to tighten the weave to form the top of the pumpkin.

At row thirty, the weave is complete.Bend down, every other spoke. Clip; mark remaining spokes to bend under and secure under weave.Secure wire handle before finishing rim of the basket.Complete basket rim with sea grass and lashing.We enjoyed a beautiful, but chilly, day at our local county park!


18 thoughts on “Handmade Pumpkin Basket

    1. Gosh, I really like to too… it’s festive for the fall season. I think I’ll try to find a plastic liner at the dollar store so that I can put pumpkin cookies or ginger snaps inside the basket.

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    1. You are so very kind! Thank you for your valued comment. I’m not sure that I could have made this basket on my own. Our instructor was amazing! I hope to continue to learn the craft. Thanks again, have a great day!


    1. Thanks for your kind words… I’m certainly no expert in basket weaving but I try to photo-log every step so I remember how to make the basket (or a similar one) again. Have a great day!

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  1. I love this basket and I want it to be my first basket to make! do you know the size of the flat reed and the round reed? and other pieces if they are different..

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    1. Chris,
      I’m sorry to say, we were given all of the materials to make the basket during the workshop. I don’t have the specifics exactly but as I measure materials 1/4” orange half round reed, 3/4” flat reed band around top, 1/2” flat reed spokes. We were given the option to use a 7 or 5” wooden round for the bottom of the basket. Hope this helps! Be sure to let me know how this project turns out for you. Best-


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