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Upcycled Travel Tote

Upcycled Travel Tote
When I have time, I love to visit resale shops and garage sales to find objects that I can incorporate in my sewing projects. I often buy old backpacks and purses just to cut out the closures and fasteners for other projects. I sometimes buy resale clothes with great looking buttons, only to cut them off and use the buttons to make some of my less expensive clothes look more expensive.
For this tote, I made the actual bag out of pre-quilted fabric that I found at Good Will. I filled the inside of the tote with fasteners and pockets to hide trinkets and valuables that M might need during her travels. Around the top edge of the bag, I stitched a trim that was originally found at the hem of a pair of capri pants that I bought at a garage sale. After all that, I used my embroidery machine to personalize the tote. M seems to love this colorful bag and she smiles when others ask her where she bought it. She proudly replies, “My mom made it especially for me”!


9 thoughts on “Upcycled Travel Tote

      1. you’re welcome. I majorly lacking in the arts / crafts dept., so have such respect for those who can create beautiful things (especially from recycled / scrap / waste). 🙂


    1. One of my greatest passions, Shanna…Working full-time, I can never seem to find the time to sit and sew anymore. I really must try to find some simple hand-sewing projects that I can travel with. I often pack little projects in Ziplock baggies so that I can pass the time doing that which I love…sewing.


  1. When I saw your blog, I went straight for the sewing tab. What a wonderful post! This year I’ve started sewing upcycled projects, and the process helps provide new stories for each piece. I really enjoyed hearing where every element of this bag came from. And I love that your daughter appreciates how special it is!


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