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No-Bake Oat and Honey Snack Bites

If you like peanut butter, you will love this no-bake treat. I’ve made several variations of this recipe over the years but this one is so simple and produces about 36 rounds of goodness. After parking these in the fridge for about 30 minutes, I pack them in a Tupperware container so I can tuck them into lunch boxes all week long.

No-Bake Oat and Honey Snack Bites

2 1/4 cups old fashioned oats
1 cup natural peanut butter
1/3 cup honey
1/3 cup maple syrup
1/2 cup chocolate chips

Combine peanut butter, honey, and maple syrup; mix thoroughly. Sprinkle in the oats and chocolate chips. Use a small ice cream scoop to shape dough into individual 1″ balls. Place on a cookie sheet and chill for 30 minutes. Pack into air-tight container. Store in the fridge until ready to serve.


29 thoughts on “No-Bake Oat and Honey Snack Bites

    1. They aren’t quite as crunchy as a granola bar and the maple and honey combination add another layer of flavor. My family loves them and this is truly a no-hassle recipe.


    1. To be perfectly honest, I am not a fan either but my family loves peanut butter. My pantry is always stocked with lots of jars of natural peanut butter…crunchy and creamy!


    1. You’re right, Nancy… Changing out some of the ingredients can satisfy various dietary restrictions and different tastes. I’ve added dried fruit, slivered almonds or pecans. I’ve even added a little protein powder for my student athlete children.


    1. Yep, they are so simple and I love that the ingredients are relatively healthy. Kids seem to love them and they are a hearty snack. Thanks!


  1. Hello, I’ve kept this post open on my computer since the 20th as I really wanted to make it, but just didn’t have the time. Well I made them today and I am so happy with them! They are fabulous! Better still, my two swimming kids also liked them. Great to have a healthy snack for them after working hard in the water. Thank you! Dana


    1. I’m so happy your kids liked them, Dana! As you might have read, I have a few swimmers as well. Finding wholesome snack recipes that are quick and economical can often be a challenge. This is one of our favorites! Thanks for your valued comment… I’m so happy you tried the recipe!😊


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