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BOILER UP Bracelet

Black and gold are the collegiate colors of Purdue University. In my family, the Boilermaker logo is near and dear to our hearts. Currently, we have three children attending the University. Whenever possible, we proudly wear the Boiler colors. Our closets and drawers are filled with black and gold sweatshirts, pants, jackets, and tops. Our cabinets are filled with Boilermaker plates, glasses, mugs, and platters. Over the years, we’ve purchased Purdue fleece blankets, sheets, and soft plush pillows to decorate dorm rooms.
While shopping last week, I spotted some great beads in the craft section of our local discount store and I thought it might be fun to glitz up my jewelry selection with a few black and gold bracelets for our next team event. I am certainly not a skilled jewelry maker so this project is incredibly quick and easy and you can use any combination of colors to tailor the bracelet to satisfy your needs. Elastic cord is used to assemble the bracelet so very few supplies are needed.
This is quite a simple and inexpensive project so next time you’re in the craft aisle, take a look at the bead selection. You might be quite pleased and surprised at the unique variety of colored beads you can assemble on a clear cord to recognize and celebrate your favorite team.
I’m lovin’ that black and gold… BOILER UP!

BOILER UP Bracelet

7″ clear stretch cord ( measure your wrist for a more exact measurement + 1″)
Assortment of colored beads (lots of shapes and sizes)
Clear gel Tacky Glue

Measure and cut a 7″ piece of clear stretch cord. Fold a piece of tape across one end of the cord (to keep beads from falling while assembling). Arrange beads, as desired and string them onto the clear cord. Test the length around your wrist so that beads are evenly dispersed and the cord is completely filled when stretched around wrist. Carefully, tie the bracelet with a double knot, securing beads. Place a small dot of tacky glue on the knot, covering knot completely, let dry. Tuck the knot under a bead to keep it hidden.




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Cancer Awareness Bracelet

Well, today is Mother’s Day and as I browse through various social media, I am reminded of how many have lost a mother or grandmother to cancer. This past December, my sister-in-law bought several cancer awareness bracelets at a local fundraiser and gave them to all of the women in our family for Christmas. Every time I slip this bracelet on my wrist, I am reminded of those that have suffered the effects of this terrible disease and those that have died from it. You will notice that the beads on this bracelet haven’t been laid out evenly or with any real design in mind, and that’s the real beauty of the bracelet. The true meaning of the colored beads shines as the actual design has no important meaning at all. If you are looking for a worthy fundraising idea or would like to make inexpensive, yet meaningful gifts for those close to you, this is a great way to support the fight against cancer and remember those who have lost the battle but live on in our hearts.

The following represent bead colors for various types of cancer.

Pink Breast Cancer
Purple Pancreatic Cancer
Gray Brain Cancer
Aqua Ovarian, Cervical Cancer
Brown Lung Cancer
Orange Leukemia
Light Blue Prostate Cancer
Black Melanoma Cancer
Yellow Childhood Cancer
Royal Blue Colon Cancer
Kelly Green Kidney Cancer
White Bone Cancer
Lime Green Lymphoma Cancer
Lavender Other Cancers

Cut jewelry elastic roughly the size of your wrist without stretching it, adding 1 1/2″ to knot the bracelet. Slip beads on elastic in no particular order, choosing colors to represent your individual interest. Tie a double knot to secure beads. Trim remaining elastic close to knot.