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Cancer Awareness Bracelet

Well, today is Mother’s Day and as I browse through various social media, I am reminded of how many have lost a mother or grandmother to cancer. This past December, my sister-in-law bought several cancer awareness bracelets at a local fundraiser and gave them to all of the women in our family for Christmas. Every time I slip this bracelet on my wrist, I am reminded of those that have suffered the effects of this terrible disease and those that have died from it. You will notice that the beads on this bracelet haven’t been laid out evenly or with any real design in mind, and that’s the real beauty of the bracelet. The true meaning of the colored beads shines as the actual design has no important meaning at all. If you are looking for a worthy fundraising idea or would like to make inexpensive, yet meaningful gifts for those close to you, this is a great way to support the fight against cancer and remember those who have lost the battle but live on in our hearts.

The following represent bead colors for various types of cancer.

Pink Breast Cancer
Purple Pancreatic Cancer
Gray Brain Cancer
Aqua Ovarian, Cervical Cancer
Brown Lung Cancer
Orange Leukemia
Light Blue Prostate Cancer
Black Melanoma Cancer
Yellow Childhood Cancer
Royal Blue Colon Cancer
Kelly Green Kidney Cancer
White Bone Cancer
Lime Green Lymphoma Cancer
Lavender Other Cancers

Cut jewelry elastic roughly the size of your wrist without stretching it, adding 1 1/2″ to knot the bracelet. Slip beads on elastic in no particular order, choosing colors to represent your individual interest. Tie a double knot to secure beads. Trim remaining elastic close to knot.


6 thoughts on “Cancer Awareness Bracelet

  1. My husband is a cancer surgeon. I did not see head and neck cancer on the list… it is very prevalent in the Southwest. 😦 Having heard so many stories of cancer patients, I am touched by this lovely initiative and gesture.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Shanna.
      I’m sure your husband has some heartbreaking stories to share with you. My hope is that he has some equally triumphant tales to tell you as well. I will have to look into things and see if there are colors designated for head and neck cancer. I’m so glad you shared this with me. — Linda


      1. Do you let me know what you find out, Linda. I admire your kind heart and generous spirit. Head and neck cancer is devastating, even when cured. Often, complex facial reconstructions are required. Sometimes, the ability to speak is lost. There are some happy stories, though. And I know that the patients have a lasting impact on Greg. The nice thing about ENT/head and neck surgery is that the doctors are able to follow up with the patients for years post-cancer, so there is continuity of care and a solid doctor-patient relationship built. Best, Shanna


        1. Hi there, Shanna…
          Well, I did a little checking around and it seems that people are using red and white striped beads to represent head and neck cancer. Thanks for inquiring, I’ll have to be in the lookout for red and white striped beads. Thanks again, Shanna!


          1. Oh, neat… thanks for the info. Naomi and I could do something with this for sure. You are right, bracelets will be a nice fundraising idea to donate money to a local hospital or cancer org! 🙂

            On another note, I am uploading photos of your slow-cooker granola and chocolate granola bars to your Facebook Simply Made Kitchen and Crafts page. It has been a SMKC granola day here!


            1. Thanks, Shanna
              Such a simple project that can really help to raise awareness of a worthy cause. Naomi will enjoy making them with you. Great “mommy and me” time!
              Have a great weekend!


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