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Chocolatey Angel Food Cake


With busy weekend activities, sporting events, and altered work schedules out of the way, we were finally able to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Sunday. The suggestion of a nice dinner at a favorite restaurant was a welcome treat. While dinner was taken care of by the restaurant staff, we decided to choose a movie and gather at home to share a homemade chocolatey dessert.
This is a great last minute recipe as there are only three ingredients involved. Water, cake mix and premium cocoa. That’s it. The light airy texture of the angel food cake, mixed with the rich chocolate flavor of the cocoa make for a delicious valentine treat. A few scoops of French vanilla ice cream and a scattering of berries make this dessert a bit more decadent. What a wonderful way to spend a quiet evening with the family!

Chocolatey Angel Food Cake

1 pkg. (14.5 to 16 oz.) angel food cake mix
1/2 cup premium baking cocoa
powdered sugar (optional)
Fresh berries (optional)

Preheat the oven according to cake mix package directions. In a large bowl, carefully combine cocoa with angel food cake mix. Prepare and bake the cake mix according to package directions. Finish cake by drizzling with icing or sprinkling with powdered sugar; garnish with berries.



16 thoughts on “Chocolatey Angel Food Cake

  1. Linda, What a beautiful cake. Light, fluffy, healthy and filled with cocoa delight. During my undergraduate studies, my friend and I discovered that you can make a cake – a delicious one – with a big can of pineapple (including the juice!) and a box of angel food cake mix. Too bad we did not know this recipe – chocolate, berries, whipped cream – not much better than that. Glad to hear you had a lovely, relaxing Sunday with your loved ones!


    1. Yes, I’ve made the pineapple angel food cake in the past. It’s so refreshing and great for a summer party. With all of the snow that fell here today, it’s hard to imagine that summer will be here in a few short months. Keeping my fingers crossed for an early spring season.⛄️


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