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What’s For Dinner?

There’s something to be said for getting a quick meal on the table after a long day at work. The trick is in making sure that it is a relatively healthy meal that can be prepared with little time or effort.
Today, at about 1:30 pm, I got a text from my daughter M asking the age old question…”What’s for dinner?” My answer was short… “We’ll see when I get home”.
When I arrived home, I quickly scanned my storage freezer and noticed a large bag of frozen ravioli some homemade meatballs and a package of bread sticks. I grabbed them and headed to the pantry. Here, I found some seasoned, diced tomatoes and a jar of prepared pasta sauce. In the produce drawer of the refrigerator sat a few vegetables to add to the sauce…onion, carrot, and celery. Quick as a wink, I had the water boiling, the knife dicing the vegetables to add flavor and texture to the prepared sauce, and the breadsticks in the oven. K and M decided that a passion fruit smoothie was in order so they dumped Greek yogurt, Orange/Mango juice, and frozen passion fruit into the Ninja blender for a refreshing beverage. Yesterday’s leftover salad fixings made a comeback and all was well as we gobbled up our creations.
Now…what will I make for dinner tomorrow?


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