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Self-Watering Container Garden

I found these delightful self-watering containers at a local hardware store. I always begin the growing season with the good intention for watering my plants regularly. Slowly but surely, as the season moves into the hot and sticky months, my intentions are quickly forgotten and my garden begins to fade. I’m hoping these little babies will help me find success this year.

The containers are assembled by adding caster wheels and inserting the watering tube in the corner.
The wicking action is supported by inserting moist potting mix into the three remaining corners.
Continue to fill the container with potting mix and fertilizer.
Filling the container to the rim is essential.
Fit the landscape fabric over top the container. Snip a hole in the fabric for the watering tube.
Snip evenly spaced slits into fabric to accommodate plants.
Beginning in the center, work your way out planting greens through the landscape fabric.
Using the watering tube, fill container with water. Secure cloth drawstring and place in the sunshine.
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Planting Tips…The Round, Spiky, Fluffy Rule

I have been so pleased with my flower garden this summer. We have had plenty of rain and sunshine so things have been progressing well with very little effort on my part. I just love sitting outdoors in the late afternoon with a glass of lemonade and gazing over the flowers while the butterflies and bees do their thing. I’ve posted some of my round, spiky, and fluffy garden favorites that will soon fade while others will begin to bloom.






I was recently watching a local morning news program and was interested in a spotlight feature on container gardening. An interesting idea was presented; using the “Round, Spiky, Fluffy” rule as a means to successful container gardening.
This looked like a great idea to me…to find round, fluffy, and spiky looking plants to combine in a container for the perfect aesthetic. Daisies, and pansies are good examples of round flowering plants. Begonias might be categorized as fluffy. And, salvia would be a great example of a spiky flowering plant. Try not to shade out any plants in the container as they will continue to grow. Make sure your containers includes something filling, spilling and thrilling in order to spotlight the beauty of the season!