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Chunky Infinity Scarf

Last week I posted a picture and link for a beginner infinity scarf that I found on the web. As I had mentioned in the post, I am at the very bottom of the ability scale when it comes to my yarn, needlework and craftsmanship abilities. I stick with basic techniques and have to rely heavily on video tutorials (played over and over again) to grasp basic construction concepts. I have been so pleased with my new found skill for crafting the beginner infinity scarf that I have taken to making several different scarves with yarns of various weight and color for my family and friends. Honestly, these scarves are so quick and easy to make, it literally takes about 1 1/2 hours to construct this trendy accessory.
This week, I wanted to post another of my creations crafted with a different type of yarn but crocheted with the very same stitch as the blue patterned scarf that I posted last week. I wanted you to see what a difference yarn choice can make in the look and feel of the garment or accessory. Again, you can find the video here. This is a great little scarf as we move into the cold weather months in the Midwest. Don’t forget that this would be a fantastic Christmas present for teens, moms, teachers, and co-workers. Look for yarn colors to match college, high school or professional sports teams. Or, look for chunky yarns to match the trendy look of current retail scarves found in all the stores.
Here is the yarn that I used for this project. I also used an 11 mm crochet hook.


… Hand made, totally inexpensive and a thoughtful gift… Happy crocheting!


20 thoughts on “Chunky Infinity Scarf

  1. Thank you for including the details! I’m still working on the one I started last week with your help, but I’m planning ahead for the next one….


    1. Oh, come on now… Watch the video and give it a try! Follow along and re-watch it if needed.
      Thanks for your valued comment… Have a great day!


  2. One of my favorite things about chunky yarn is how quickly things work up. The yarn you chose will look lovely as an infinity scarf. I hope you might have the courage to move on to something else as far as crocheting goes, you’ve got talent for it, even if it takes you a dozen times of watching the tutorials. I look forward to seeing more from you!


    1. My goodness, thank you for your encouragement! I will indeed try to venture on to bigger projects as I find the time. This scarf means instant gratification and that’s probably what I’m attracted to. Thanks again for your lovely comment, Ashie! Enjoy your day!

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    1. Hey, whatever it takes, right? Knitting or crocheting, whatever gets the job done with the least frustration… Haha!
      Thanks for your comment, Helen… Happy knitting!


    1. Oh Kimberly, you may want to give this a try… I, too, love to machine sew and embroider but crocheting is fun because you can carry it anywhere and can finish this project quickly.


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